Discontinued Products

For Crystal Valley Hardwoods

Date: 12/13/23

Crystal Valley Hardwoods has discontinued a selection of items from their catalog. They’ve also updated their Quick Ship and Best Sellers tabs.

Discontinued items include:

  • Haven Occasionals (Hv2224SE, HV1822SE, HV1520SE)
  • Olympic Occasionals (OL2325E, OL25RDE, OL1755S, OL2749C, OL3939C, OL39RDC)
  • Witmer Occasionals (WT1624E, WT2224E, WT2648C, WT3838C, WT1654S)
  • Caledonia Storage bed option (CL-4DUS, CL6DUS)
  • The power strip pictured on pg 105