Things You May Not Know About Our Portal



The features of our website are continually expanding and being refined for easier navigation. If you are new to our site, or are looking for some tips, here are some tools on the portal for you to utilize:


Send direct messages to builders

Many builders have added a Message Tab to their page. 


After you have submitted your contact information and your message to the builder, this message will be sent as an email or fax message to that specific manufacturer.


View Best Seller products

Not only are new products and quick ship items viewable for select builders, their best sellers are listed as well.


Create filtered searches

Our database of builders is constantly growing. Our Filter dropdown at the top of our builder page can help you find builders listed in alphabetical order, the most recently updated, and by the type of furniture they sell. You can also directly search for a specific builder using our search bar.


Map builder locations

One of our main pages on VIZTECH Furniture is our Builder Map. This page allows you to view the current locations of builders, and find the builders closest to your address.



Stay Updated on Furniture Shows

Want to know the details of the Ohio and Indiana furniture shows each year? We’ve got you covered. Visit our Resources to find the dates and locations of both shows as well as places to stay during your visit. We’ve even included highlights and images from the previous show.


We want you to be able to use our website as a multi-purpose tool for your business, and feedback on our services is always appreciated. There are plenty of exciting additions to our site that you can look forward to.