Dave Kauffman

Dave Kauffman ProfileDave Kauffman is a Strategic advisor for business owners, Keynote Speaker, Author and Trainer!
Dave is the President of "Empowering Small Business" an international Business Coaching firm specializing in helping business owners systematize their business so that they can find FREEDOM in their business so they can spend more time with their family and friends. Dave is handpicked by the Zig Ziglar family to carry on the legacy of American Legend… Zig Ziglar!

Dave is an expert in Peak Performance and a Master Trainer (1 of 10 in the world) of the DISC Model of Human Behavior and will be sharing about how to perform at a higher level in Sales, Communication and Relationships by understanding the four basic personality styles. Get ready to discover things about yourself and others, that will take you to the next level of Performance!


Luke Kuepfer

Luke Kuepfer ProfileLuke Kuepfer helps business leaders understand how to maximize their God-given potential to lead and serve others. He does this through speaking at events, half-day/all-day workshops and one-on-one coaching.


Josh Troyer

Josh Troyer Profile Josh has been working with computers since he was 12 years old and found a passion for web designing when he worked at his dad’s (Dave’s) fence company. He loves flying airplanes as well as helping people grow their businesses online so when it comes to websites and online applications, the sky is the limit!