New Footage For Our Retailers

It took us several months to complete but we are now finished with a huge video and picture project for our future furniture retailers. It was several months ago when we had a meeting to discuss the problem of building a retail website for Amish furniture but not having any pictures or videos of the Amish making the furniture. We were tired of using stock pictures that looked very generic which did not capture the true beauty and craftsmanship of Amish furniture building. It was then we decided to invest the time and money ourselves to get the pictures and videos we wanted to take our websites to the next level.

We had builders from Ohio and Indiana who were gracious enough to let us come in to film and take pictures while they were working. A few shops even gave us permission to capture the faces of the craftsmen. We got footage of Amish craftsmen building chairs, tables, hutches, occasionals, and more! We were also able to grab some shots of beautiful Amish countrysides along the way.

Because we wanted to capture what Amish furniture was all about we knew we needed to capture a scene of Amish-made furniture being used in a home. A local person was willing to allow us the use of their home for an afternoon so we staged an in-home furniture delivery and a family sitting around the Amish-made table enjoying a snack. We feel this truly captures what Amish furniture is all about- it is made to be enjoyed by families for generations to come!

The pictures we captured will be used on our future retailer websites to bring realism and depth. The footage we captured will be available for retailers who want us to create a custom promo video for them combined with footage from their retail showroom. The video shown above is something we put together as an example of the footage we captured, however, there is a lot more footage where that came from!

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About Josh Troyer

Josh has been working with computers since he was 12 years old and found a passion for web designing when he worked at his dad’s (Dave’s) fence company. He loves flying airplanes as well as helping people grow their businesses online so when it comes to websites and online applications, the sky is the limit!