Amish Collective Bridges the Gap for Retailers

As awareness of Amish-made furniture spreads, our team at VIZTECH wants to improve the online presence of our retailers selling this unique furniture. Having offered online resources for builders and retailers, we realize the next step is to connect end consumers with our VIZTECH Furniture Dealers. We’ve created Amish Collective as a service to send more consumers to our retail customers, and we are excited about the launch of this website.

What is

Amish Collective website

Amish Collective is the largest online selection of Amish furniture. This website was made to target consumers looking for an Amish furniture store near them. Dave Troyer, founder of VIZTECH, says “Our goal has always been to connect people with people. VIZTECH Furniture has worked to connect builders and retailers but we needed a platform to connect end consumers with retailers.” Troyer says “End consumers were finding products on VIZTECH Furniture they wanted to buy. This didn’t work very well since VIZTECH Furniture is for wholesale buyers only. We launched as a way of directing more end consumers to our clients who have retail stores or websites”

Amish Collective is not an e-commerce platform and does not sell directly to consumers. Instead, the website allows consumers to build a collection of furniture they like and then directs them to find a local store to buy the furniture. Here’s how it works:

How Amish Collective Promotes Amish Furniture Stores

How Amish Collective works

  • We drive shoppers to the website using SEO, Google Ads, and social media ads.
  • Once a consumer has accessed the site, they can view over 21,000 pieces of furniture. On each product, they’ll find basic furniture details and the builder who makes each piece.
  • If someone finds something they like, they can favorite it and come back to it later. If they want to buy the furniture they will be directed to our Store Finder.
  • On the Store Finder, they’ll find all Preferred Dealers on VIZTECH Furniture. This means that if you have an existing Preferred Dealer account, your store location is already posted and viewable to potential customers.
  • When a customer views your store listing, they can get directions, or contact you through phone call or email (as long as it is public on your website).
  • Congratulations! You’ve earned a new customer.
Amish Collective store locator

Amish Collective store locator

Because customers can view all of the products from the VIZTECH builders, there is a possibility that they may inquire about a product you do not currently sell from your store. While you are welcome to try to offer an alternative piece, we encourage you to use your resources on VIZTECH Furniture to work with the builder of the piece this potential customer is interested in.

Advertise Your Store on Amish Collective

If you’d like to promote your store even further, you can advertise your store directly on the product pages of the Amish Collective. All current retailers who sell Amish or Mennonite-crafted furniture are eligible to participate in the advertising program with just a few steps.

When you advertise, your banner will include your logo, a picture of a collection you sell, a small descriptor, and a call to action. This gives a chance for consumers to see a more noticeable listing of your store’s location without having to go to the Store Finder.

We’re Excited for What’s to Come

Amish Collective has been gaining attention over the last few months. As we continue our marketing strategies and partner with our Preferred Retailers, we’re excited to help store sales rise. The need for quality furniture continues to grow more apparent each year. People are searching for generational furniture that offers character and longevity. We are excited to help them find retailers – like you – who will be able to offer them quality products and customer service.

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